petshop ANGEL


Angel takes full responsibility for stocking, breeding,
keeping and selling our dogs and cats.

We are also proud of the fact that many or our customer
shave purchased two or three puppies or kittens from us.

Angel is based in Kanagawa and has shops in Yokohama, Sagamihara and Yamato. As a breeder of Chihuahuas, Toy Poodles and miniature dachshunds and as the JKC's official kennel, Angelical Puppy JP offers bargain prices in addition to ´early orders for the company's own breeds´ and other privileges. Angel wishes to stay with its customers for a long time by offering healthy and high-quality dogs, puppies, cats and kittens.
Our veterinarians ensure your pet stays in good health. Our after-sale care is fully guaranteed for the first 90 days. We will help you make the time you spend with your pet happier.

President DirectorSatoru Kobayashi

Selling young dogs & cats
You may have seen recent newspaper articles about sales of very young dogs and cats.
Basically, we adhere to a policy of self-imposed restraint. We do not sell any puppy or kitten younger than 57 days.
We make sure that all puppies we breed spend as much time as possible with their mothers.
Socialization of dogs
Today, the socialization of dogs is considered a major issue.
Our commitment to this issue is as follows:
Puppies that are aged three months or older and have been vaccinated live together in the shop's socialization space irrespective of breeding differences.
This enables the dogs to learn how to live with other puppies. They can also be petted by visitors. In this way, they become more familiar with people.

A great deal of importance is attached to the stocking, breeding, health
and look of our dogs and cats.

Based on our many years of experience and accumulated data, Angel chooses and breeds only healthy puppies and kittens.
Puppies and kittens bred in a poor environment may carry enteric bacteria or virus. To professionals' eyes it is obvious what kind of environment a dog or a cat must have grown up in.

Hygiene control and health are also among our priorities.

Angel always takes great care with the shops' hygiene control.
All puppies and kittens are vaccinated.
Poor hygiene control by a pet shop, contagion from infected dogs and cats and an absence of vaccination may expose dogs and cats to the risk of infections in the shop.
* Urine odors or fishy smells are more than likely to suggest the presence of a sick dog or cat.
* What would you think if you saw a puppy or kitty pad around the showcase with traces of stool in its footprints? You would give a second thought about inviting it into your family, wouldn't you?
* If the glass of the showcase is spotted with footprints it can give the impression that shop workers don't take proper care of their puppies and kittens.
* A pile of cut paper in the showcase may be a sign of negligence in removing stools.


We do not charge our customers for vaccinations we conduct for our maintenance purposes. Suppose you were in a gardening shop and buying a potted flower and you are told to pay for two disinfection treatments the shop had conducted to prevent vermin. Would you be willing to pay for that?
At our store, we do not pass on the cost of vaccinations for maintenance and management during your visit to our customers. However, the cost of vaccinations required after purchase will be borne by the customer.
Dogs and cats that are healthy and cute to everyone's eyes fetch considerable market prices. Combinations of low prices and inferior quality are rampant in this industry. Some pet shops bring together a large number of dogs and cats in a rental event space and sell them at extremely low prices ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 yen. Some companies boast about being the industry's least expensive businesses. Some run what they call breeders' Internet mail order services, in which discounted dogs and cats are marketed. Be sure to follow the reminders below to distinguish good pet shops from bad ones.

Dogs and cats sold very cheaply are often of inherently poor quality.


Puppies and kittens bred in bad environments may carry enteric bacteria or virus.
Some breeders sell these animals to pet shops at extremely low prices just to make money.

Serious defects

Not all puppies and kittens are born fully healthy. Some are born legless or with other serious defects, such as:
Hip joint hypoplasia, hernia, cranial hypoplasia, wolf nail, undershot and overshot (teeth engagement differs depending on the dog breed)

Much bigger or smaller than the standard size
Pure breeds have a standard that is internationally accepted.

The adult Chihuahua, one of the most popular breeds, is considered ideal at 2.7 kilograms or lighter and in the range of 1 kilogram to 1.8 kilogram for both males and females. The ideal height of a toy poodle ranges between 26 centimeters and 28 centimeters.
Respected outlets use their many years of experience and pedigrees to determine whether a puppy or a kitty will outgrow the ideal height or not.

Bad color

Standards have a fur color specific to each breed. This is designed to prevent breeding of
unrestricted fur colors, producing dogs with congenital problems such as albino.

Unvaccinated or vaccination charged separately

Unvaccinated dogs and cats can be discounted by the cost of the vaccination that otherwise would have been paid.
Even vaccinated dogs or cats may be priced without vaccination fees so that the money can be charged separately.

No post-purchase guarantee or guarantee charged separately

In fact, our animals are priced less expensively than at other shops. Once purchased, they are accompanied by animal health insurance of 10,000 to 20,000 yen in addition to our unique life insurance, worth 10-30% of the animal's price or nearly 50,000 yen. At other shops, all of these expenses must be paid separately, so you may end up paying much more than otherwise necessary.

When you purchase a puppy or a kitten, you are inviting a new member into your family.

Please carefully consider the above before deciding on your purchase.