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Welcome to Angel

Angel is based in Kanagawa and has shops in Yokohama, Sagamihara and Yamato. As a breeder of Chihuahuas, Toy Poodles and miniature dachshunds and as the JKC's official kennel, Angelical Puppy JP offers bargain prices in addition to ´early orders for the company's own breeds´ and other privileges. Angel wishes to stay with its customers for a long time by offering healthy and high-quality dogs, puppies, cats and kittens.
Our veterinarians ensure your pet stays in good health. Our after-sale care is fully guaranteed for the first 90 days. We will help you make the time you spend with your pet happier.

Our service can be proudly recommended

We take full responsibility for stocking, breeding, keeping and selling our dogs and cats.


Angel’s Extensive Support

  • All dogs and cats have been
    vaccinated against infectious diseases

  • Free medical treatment

  • Free pet exchange guaranteed

  • Compensation for congenital disorders

  • Information about
    puppies and kittens disclosed

Angel’s recommendede puppies and kittens